Juvederm Voluma Lidocaine Benefits On My Skin

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Hello everyone, my name is Ana and I am 23 years I live in New York. I have 2 brothers and I am the only sister. My father is an army officer and my mother is a doctor but they got separated last year due to issues in their personal life. 

I got disturbed after the separation of my parents. Due to depression and anxiety I was not able to sleep at night later doctor diagnosed insomnia. And due to that, my eyes became black and later I saw the worst thing in my life which every girl hates and that’s a dark circle. 

I was already very disturbed and was not attending my college from the past two weeks. My friend kept calling me and asking me about the reason she was aware of the family issues I am going through.

And she was the only one who stood by my side in my hard times. One day she showed up without calling me and she banged my door and told me to come with her I denied because I was very conscious about my eyes because it was not looking good. Using Juvederm was looking inevitable.

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Finding the right doctor

Surprisingly, my friend’s mother was a dermatologist and she called her mom and share the entire situation and want her to help me. Her mom wanted to talk to me and told me to visit her clinic whenever I feel like.

I was confused and I asked my father because I was living with him after the separation and he told me to do whatever I feel is good for me. 

I called my friend and told her to let her mom know that I will be coming the next day to visit her. I went to her clinic and discussed everything with her and she suggested me to go for Juvederm under-eye filler she told me everything about the filler.

She told me to go through some tests before going for Juvederm fillers and by god grace everything was perfect and I was set to go.

I was nervous on my first day but she made me feel comfortable. And injected Juvederm under my eyes. The complete process took 10 minutes.

 It wasn’t a painful treatment at all and she told me that it lasts for 2 to 3 years approximately. 

It took 3 sittings and after that allergan , she told me to take rest for 3 days. 

After 3 days when I saw myself in the mirror and to be honest, I was completely shocked by the result, my under eye was not at all dark and it was looking perfect.After 3 days when I saw myself in the mirror and to be honest, I was completely shocked by the result, my under eye was not at all dark and it was looking perfect.

I called my father and told him about the procedure and results he said he will be back at 7. 

When my father came back he was very happy and told me that I am looking changed because my eyes were looking awful before using Juvederm Fillers. 

I am very much satisfied with the decision it took because I was able to do something that makes me look good.

This whole treatment process gave me an idea of how to make yourself confident and I just wanted to thank my friend and her mother for making me feel and look happy. 

I would highly recommend the Juvederm to anyone with under eye problems and other problems related to skin. 

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